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Collections, Curation, Acquisitions

The Foundation's paleontology collection consists of important scientific specimens curated using museum standards. The three main areas of focus are the Jurassic fossils from the Solnhofen area of southern Germany, the Carbonifereous fossils of the Mazon Creek area of Illinois and Sharks from various time periods and locations.


The entire Foundation collection is available to the scientific community for research, publications, specimen loans and exhibits. The Foundation's lab is equipped with microscopes, photographic and UV equipment for visiting researchers.

Research, Collaborations, Publications


Outreach, Awareness, Exhibits/Displays

One of the key pillars of the Foundation is to spark curiosity in science and education, among students and the public. An important aspect of the Foundation's activities is public outreach through paleontology and geology programs. The Foundation also raises multicultural and conservation awareness through local school programs focused on African wildlife and culture.

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