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Collection Management Project

How did the curators spend the Covid shut in? This was a perfect opportunity for Bruce to get up to speed on the Specify Collection Management System and start the process of inputting the Lauer Foundation collection into a formal Collection Management system.

The Specify Collection Management System is very flexible and was customized to fit the needs of the Foundation. There are over 4,000 specimens in the collection. The taxonomic tree had to be populated as well as other general tables in order to input the specimens. We are taking a two step approach to inputting the data. The first step is inputting the data from our old collection system as well as scanning the appropriate provenance information. The next step involves inputting additional information such as measurements, pictures and any reference material. So far we have input over 2,600 specimens. This is a long, multi-year project but will make the collection more valuable to science after capturing all the pertinent data.


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