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Dr. Arjan Mann Visits the Lauer Foundation to Review Mazon Creek Material

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

On February 15, 2023 Dr. Arjan Mann, Post Doc at the Smithsonian, flew to Chicago to visit the Lauer Foundation. Arjan is interested in the Pennsylvanian age Mazon Creek fauna and especially tetrapods. Arjan studied the Foundation collection and found several specimens he would like to include in his research. We spent a day photographing the specimens and discussed having them Micro CT scanned. Dr. Mann then covered a presentation on his Research Project and discussed a collaboration with the Foundation. Dr. Mann agreed to become a Research Associate of the Foundation and the Foundation agreed to help fund the costs of Micro CT scanning and other tests done on the Foundation specimens and others in his study.

Updated March, 2023: See the News announcement of Lauer Foundation Research Associates and what that means.


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