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Lauer Foundation PSE Part of Special Exhibit at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

The Lauer Foundation for Paleontology, Science and Education NFP is pleased to be part of a special exhibit in the Field Museum’s Grainger Science Hub. The exhibit explores differences between pterosaurs, birds and bats. 

Lauer Foundation specimen #LF2396P Pterodactylus micronyx displays incredible preservation of fine hairlike pycnofibers and skin preservation covering the w

ings which are visible under raked lighting and UV photography. The specimen was preserved in the fine limestone in Solnhofen, Germany from the Jurassic. 

This special exhibit is on display until December 2018 and is located across from the Stanley Field Hall on the main floor. 

We are pleased to be part of this exhibit to welcome Maximo the Titanosaur and his/her pterosaurs and rhamphorynchus friends to the newly revised Stanley Field Hall.

Learn more from the Field Museum of Natural History here.


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