Lauer Foundation Pterosaur Specimens Make Perfect Companions for Maximo at The Field Museum

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

The Lauer Foundation for Paleontology, Science and Education NFP is proud to be part of a new exhibit at the entrance to the Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet at the Field Museum, Chicago, IL. 

Lauer Foundation pterosaur specimens, #LF1182 Rhamphorynchus muensteri  and #LF513 Pterodactylus antiquus, are the perfect companions for Titanosaur Maximo and his/her friends in the Stanley Field Hall. These fossil specimens are conveniently located at the top of the stairs next to the Fossil Prep Lab at the revised entrance to the fossil hall, the Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet. 

The specimens are placed to allow guests to observe the details of these remarkable fossil specimens eye to eye. The fossils were preserved in the fine limestone fossil layers of Solnhofen, Germany from the Jurassic era. 

Their big cousin, a Quetzalcoatlus model, is on hand for selfies to complete your experience. 

The Lauer Foundation for Paleontology, Science and Education NFP, Bruce Lauer and Rene' Lauer are proud to be part of the new experience awaiting guests at the Field Museum.

Learn more from the Field Museum of Natural History here.

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