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The Lauer Foundation Visits the New Mexico Triassic Micro Vertebrate Site

The Lauer Foundation and its partner institutions visited the Foundation’s Triassic Micro Vertebrate site after the MTE conference in Salt Lake City. Dr. Andy Heckert from Appalachian State, Volunteer Scott Sucher, Paul Barrett, Simon Wills, David and Alison Ward from the NHM-UK joined us in field work collecting samples and sieving for micro fossils. Dr. Sterling Nesbitt and Dr. Michelle Stocker along with their students, Post Doc,Dr. Davide Hoffa and Preparer, Vicki Yarborough visited the site as well on the tail end of their summer field trip. The visit was productive with a lot of messy sieving taking place. Post sieving work, picking out fossils is the next step.


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