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Appalachian State & Virginia Tech Visit Homestead-Garita Creek Site

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

In March 2022, the Lauer Foundation visited the Homestead-Garita Creek site in Northeast New Mexico. We met Dr. Andrew Heckert and his associate Major Scott along with a crew from Virginia Tech, including: Dr. Sterling Nesbitt, Dr. Michelle Stocker, Vicki Yarborough and Post Doc Dr. Davide Foffa. This was the first visit for Virginia Tech. Dr. Heckert was focusing on figuring out the stratigraphy with help form Dr. Nesbitt.

The Virginia Tech crew was also getting familiar with the surrounding area and developing a collaborative plan for the site. We scouted the area for clues to the stratigraphy. Our NHMUK colleagues are working on zircon dating the site based on samples collected by Dr. Heckert.


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