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First Lauer Foundation Intern

The Lauer Foundation acquired unsorted micro vertebrate matrix from the classic late Triassic site Holwell Quarries, Somerset, UK. Some of the matrix was sorted but most was not sorted for fossils. We discussed this material with Dr. Chris Duffin who wrote a paper on the site in 2016 and we concluded it is worth sorting the material. Given resource constraints, we concluded an intern would be helpful and provide an opportunity to help a student. After a discussion with Dr. Andy Heckert at Appalachian State, we concluded that Luke Rose, Andy Heckert’s student, would be suitable. Luke accepted the internship and has worked on sorting the material. Luke had previous experience on the New Mexico site material.

Update June, 2023: Luke has sorted much of the material over the past year. He continues the project as time permits with his school schedule. The Foundation provided a microscope and light for his sorting work. We will work with Chris Duffin as the material is finalized to assist in identification.


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